Boris, Dallas, and Nelly, dogs, sniff Kelsey's Super Pet Sitter's car.
Boris, Dallas, and Nelly, Happy Clients

Compassionate Pet Care in the Comfort of Your Home

I'm Carrie Hoffman, and I am the proud owner of Kelsey's Super Pet Sitters. My mission is simple - to provide exceptional pet care services right in the comfort of your own home, ensuring your beloved pets can stay in their familiar surroundings, including your very own bed.

Pet Sitters Associates Member
Member of the Pet Sitters Associates

I have the experience and expertise to care for a diverse range of pets, from the more traditional furry friends to the most exotic companions, including reptiles, chickens, pigs, and now even spiders. Should there ever come a time when I'm unable to assist, rest assured, I will go the extra mile to connect you with someone who can meet your pet's needs just as I would.


Low Stress

Your pet stays in their own home where they are most comfortable (no stress, or exposure to illnesses).


Their regular routine of eating, sleeping, exercising, and play time is maintained.


No imposition or inconvenience on a friend, neighbor or relative to care for your pet.

My journey in the pet sitting industry formally began a decade ago, yet my passion for nurturing animals started over 20 years back, during my teenage years. Growing up, my fascination with animals was nurtured by observing and caring for my family's and neighbors' pets at every given opportunity. I credit my grandfather, a seasoned farmer, for instilling in me the wisdom of understanding animal behavior.

Over time, I eagerly absorbed every bit of knowledge about administering medication, tending to various chronic conditions, and managing emergencies from my own trusted veterinarian. Caring for animals has always been more than just a profession for me; it is the very essence of who I am.


Agnes, a dog, shows off the leaf she found in the garden.

Testimonial: Agnes - Cane Corso

We adopted a beautiful Cane Corso who we learned is a reactive and frustrated greeter after having a troubling puppyhood. We've been working with trainers since Agnes joined our lives, but we needed extra help. Carrie was able to listen to what our issues were, help us see where we were getting it right (something that I think any parent of a reactive dog needs to hear), and offer suggestions to handle new behaviour patterns we had not learned about yet. Patient, understanding, and completely on point about everything, she's helped us better understand what Agnes is telling us so we can guide her to being a more confident, happy, and enriched member of our family. We cannot recommend her services as a Doula enough.

Josey & Dan (Parents of Agnes)

My commitment to delivering top-notch pet care is reflected in my comprehensive credentials. I am fully insured and bonded, CPR/First Aid certified, and proficient in administering medication to pets. Recently, I obtained certification as a Companion Animal End of Life Doula, enabling me to provide compassionate support during your pets' final stages of life. This may involve anything from ensuring easy-to-eat foods to arranging mobility aids like slings.

I have dedicated myself to specializing in the care of older or chronically ill pets, recognizing their unique requirements and providing a tailored approach to meet their needs. Recognizing the growing trend toward holistic pet care, I strive to stay ahead and explore new avenues to enhance the well-being of our furry companions.

Frankie and Oscar, dogs, excitedly await a walk.
Frankie & Oscar, Happy Clients

At the heart of my business lies the happiness and satisfaction of my clients with the care I provide for their cherished pets. As my motto goes, "Saving pets from full bladders every day" is not just a job for me; it's a promise to be your pet's hero, ensuring their well-being and comfort always come first.


Rocco, a dog, playflully licks his chops on the patio outside.

Testimonial: Rocco - Rottie Mix

My Rocco loves Carrie!! He is so happy and loves his walks! Carrie is so caring and will take superior care of your pet!! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my baby boo!

Nicole Burgio (Parent of Rocco)

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